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Log Home Restoration

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Beauty Worth Protecting

Log homes are truly the melding of both man-made craftsmanship and the beauty of the natural world. If you are the owner of one of these structures, you know full well that maintaining the structural and aesthetic condition of your log home is a unique challenge. Deferred maintenance for these beauties results in very costly remedies.

Full Service Log Home Maintenance

The exterior of log buildings need regular maintenance to protect the structure from the elements and allow the natural beauty of the logs to show forth. Rain, snow, mold and UV exposure degrade protective finishes. In addition, wood decay, carpenter ants and other pests threaten the integrity and longevity of the entire structure. The team at Fresh Coat of Central MN is experienced and knowledgeable in what it takes to keep your log structure both beautiful and protected with the best available finishes and techniques available. And for those homes that need special help, our team can handle full restoration projects to remove old failing finishes and return your home once again to thing of beauty.

Why is Fresh Coat of Central MN the Best Choice for Log Home Restoration?

  • Annual Maintenance & Mold Cleaning
  • Staining
  • Chinking
  • Full Restoration Services
  • Media Blasting & Stripping
  • Borate treatments

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